2019 recap and writing stories in English

We’ve decided to give writing articles in English a go, appeal to a broader audience and all that. Since our initial vision of educating the unwashed masses is still alive, we do plan to continue to put out content in Romanian as well. A lot is often lost in translation so some subjects may be best tackled in our mother tongue. But some stories will be written entirely in English. Please bear with us as we find our voice.

We decided that whenever we will link to content that’s in a different language than the content you’re currently viewing, we’ll make a note of it. Hopefully that’ll keep reader confusion to a minimum. We have already thought about all the alternatives, keeping a separate blog, translating all existing articles, etc. In the end, we’re just too lazy to do anything major like that. So we’ll just sprinkle our currently all-Romanian blog with a few English articles here and there. It’s an experiment, we’ll figure it out.

A quick recap may also be in order since we’ve been sitting on our creative asses for quite some time now – a whole 2 years of silence to be exact.

We spent most of that time in Malaysia, yet again on the lovely island of Langkawi, which we used as our headquarters. This time we got to explore most of South Eastern Asia.

Borneo, Kota Kinabalu mountain
The lush jungles of Borneo by rented car
Beautiful mosque at night in Brunei
The rich, modern, restrictive, traditional and exciting little Brunei
Traditional clothes in Brunei
Playing dress up
Rock'n Roll homemade Karaoke in Brunei
Singing rock and roll in Brunei
Solo bicycling in South Korea
City of Royal Silla Tombs in Gyeongju
South Korean Spa (jimjilbang)
All the jimjilbangs (spas where you can spend the night) Adriana could ever want during her solo trip to South Korea
Panoramic view, temple in Cambodia
Angkor Wat
Cambodia dirt bike tour
Hardcore dirt motorcycle riding and temple tours for Cristi in Cambodia
Bangkok street at night
A short trip to funky Bangkok
Selling hats in Hanoi, Vietnam
A chaotic couple of days in Vietnam’s Hanoi
Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar
Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar
Orange temple in Bagan, Myanmar
The beautiful sights, temples and people of Laos and Myanmar
Sailing the Andaman Sea
A few incredible days of coastal sailing in the Andaman sea on the coolest little boat with two good friends
Rented tuktuk in Sri Lanka
We also drove a red tuk-tuk by ourselves for a month all over Sri Lanka
Lagoon in the mountains of El Cocuy, Colombia
El Cocuy National Park in Colombia
Colombia, El Cocuy National Park
And explored South America for the first time with friends who pushed us to our limits in a beautiful and maddeningly exhausting 4-day series of hikes in the high mountains of El Cocuy National Park

Back in Romania, we’re putting the finishing touches on our straw bale house (ro), tending to the garden and getting better and better at stuff like digging, cutting, drilling, screwing (heh heh), painting, plastering, plumbing (does that even work in English, like to plumb or not to plumb?) and everything in between. We’ve gotten quite handy lately, we feel like we could take on pretty much any type of project.

My new Honda CRF250L on a dirt road
2018 Honda CRF250L dual sport
MSX125 or little Grom out in the field
2018 MSX125 aka The Grom

Also, we both attended motorcycle driving school and got our A (and A1) driving licenses! Cristi takes on any (easy and fairly straight) dirt road on his nimble red and white 2018 Honda CRF250L dual sport and Adriana is simply ecstatic at the ability to barely touch the ground with her toes, a feat that’s only possible on the sexy little Grom (also known as Honda’s MSX 125). We both see motorcycling adventures in our future involving very little asphalt, a lot of dust, mud, gravel, green and wild camping.

We should also add that we’re at a stage in life where we’re starting to take better care of our bodies, something we’ve pretty much ignored until now. So we eat healthier food and exercise on a daily basis (1 km of swimming per day). We’re feeling kind of fit and sexy these days.

Right, now you’re up to speed, back to business as usual.

Next project: Planning the TET (Trans European Trail) by motorcycle (en)


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